jeff deutsch graphic design
Several years ago, on a road trip with no particular destination, I put down my point-and-shoot, picked up my sister's Nikon, and loaded it with black and white film. I immediately fell in love with the least once I got the film back and found a few good shots. Since then photography has become a serious interest
of mine. I find myself drawn to architecture as a subject, but I am always seeking out new compositions and subject matter.
This is a small collection of some of my work, intended to help give you a sense of my visual language and voice, outside of the scope
of clients and my professional work. Please feel free to take a look through, and check back for additions.
For sale? I'm so glad you asked.
Most of the photos here, as well as many others, are for sale. Please feel free to contact me with questions, to view more of my work, and for pricing information. I assure you, I'm a friendly chap, and I won't blow smoke in your face or look down my nose at you…